Maverick optimizes the process from Procurement to Pay. Maverick consists of two main modules: Contract management and Purchase invoice management.
When you use Maverick - Contract management you ensure employees buy goods at the right supplier and under which conditions. Because contracts are digitally captured, you always meet the supplier agreements and you receive a notification when the contract is going to end (or needs renewal). You will not suffer anymore from unwanted contract extension.
Maverick - Purchase invoice management helps you to eliminate paper handling, exceptions and supplier inquiries. You can maintain or extend your Days Payable Outstanding while achieving virtually 100% on-time payment.


  • Less room for error and reduced overhead.
  • Extensive audit trail. Every approval (invoice, booking and payment) is logged with a detailed timestamp and approval user.
  • Embedded archive for long term storage ensures simple access and retrieval of historical documents and information for accounting and department staff.
  • Automated reporting capabilities to identify and provide a means to rectify of company bottlenecks.
  • Support for implementing and maintaining complex approval authorization rules.
  • Simple, user-friendly and editable workflow model.
  • 100% web-based. Easy to approve invoices using a mobile phone. No need for install.

If you want more information, please take a look at our Maverick brochure. Contact Paul van Erk, or André Blommers if you need more information or to schedule a live demo.


Maverick is delivered through our RAPIDS platform and methodology, a web-based platform that contains everything you need to engage in a collaborative business environment. This includes solutions like Bluewater (our IT Servicedesk solution), Maverick (our Purchase-to-Pay solution) and other custom solutions to support your secondary processes. For more information on RAPIDS, click here.